Conflict between LAN and WAN on home network

I have had a long-standing problem and have never been able to get to the bottom of. I have a home network with only one machine that connects to the Internet via a 56k modem. I connect to the Internet using AOL. And the OS I use is Windows 2000 Pro.

When looking at network Neighborhood from the machine that connects to the Internet, it takes ages for the other machines in the network to show, and subsequently, as I drill down any networked machine it still takes an abnormal amount of time to display the conents. Once I have drilled down to a directory and I then MAP that drive, it can be accessed immediately with none of the above delay.

Performing this function from any other machine in the network works correctly and very fast, as it should.

I can only imagine there is some conflict between the LAN and the WAN that is causing the problem. If you have any ideas as to why this is happening, I would be extremely grateful

Also, I have replaced the Internet machine completely and still have the same problems.
Many thanks
Well, it may be the WAM causing the problems. Windows 2000 searches for all computers near you. If you are directly connected to the Internet (asking for trouble) then you may be browsing for other computers directly connected to the Internet. Once the computer search times out it goes to your LAN search. (Thus causing your problem.) You could solve this by using 2 nics and disabling file and print sharing on your WAN interface. However, I would recommend moving your PC from being directly connected to the Internet first. I could probably get your WAN IP and delete your entire C drive without doing much work. You can do this by using two NICs or installing a low cost router that provides NAT. This will also solve your browsing problem.

This was last published in August 2002

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