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Talari adds SD-WAN appliance for smaller edge sites

With its recently added SD-WAN appliance, Talari aims for smaller branch locations, like retail and remote sites; Cradlepoint introduces subscription-based networking packages.

Talari added another SD-WAN appliance to its portfolio this week. The Talari E50 appliance is tailored to customers that require easy SD-WAN deployments to connect small branch locations, like retail, mobile and remote home-office sites, according to Talari's website.

Talari's SD-WAN appliance supports 20, 50 and 100 Mbps performance across multiple WAN links, with a "pay-as-you-grow" purchase model. It also consolidates routing, firewall and WAN optimization features within the E50 platform, the company said in a statement. Additionally, the SD-WAN appliance integrates Zscaler security, with traffic passing through the Zscaler cloud over IPsec tunnels.

With the Talari E50 SD-WAN appliance, a managed service provider or IT team can preconfigure the appliance, which can then be shipped to the site and set up. According to Talari, this capability benefits customers with limited IT staff and resources. 

Talari offers a range of SD-WAN appliances for large data centers and offices to call centers and SMBs.

Cradlepoint expands to subscription-based networking packages

Cradlepoint introduced subscription-based packages for its branch, mobile and internet-of-things networking services.

Cradlepoint's NetCloud Solution Packages, available now, are tailored to specific markets in an attempt to simplify deployment and management, according to a Cradlepoint statement. Customers can purchase a Cradlepoint package as a subscription service on a one-, three- or five-year basis.

One of the first available subscription-based packages is Cradlepoint's wireless branch networking offering. Cradlepoint said its new AER2200 edge router can replace multiple boxes by converging multiple functions and support into the single router. The router supports 10 switched Ethernet ports, and it supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi, with a guest portal and advanced Long Term Evolution integration. The package also comes with the new AP22 access point to expand wireless LAN coverage. Additionally, Cradlepoint's branch subscription service offers 4G LTE and wireless LAN support with its SD-WAN functionality, fine-tuned for customers with smaller networks.

"Instead of navigating a myriad of separately priced software, hardware and support options, just two or three SKUs deliver a compete wireless branch solution with the cloud management and support customers need to be deployed and operational quickly and easily," said Ian Pennell, chief product officer at Cradlepoint, based in Boise, Idaho, in a statement.

Verizon joins ONAP

Verizon joined the Open Network Automation Platform, a project hosted by The Linux Foundation.

Verizon said its work with ONAP will concentrate on network function onboarding, network management, service creation, provisioning and standards for consistent deployment.

In November, ONAP introduced its first code, dubbed Amsterdam, which offers a modular automation platform for service providers and carriers focused on service delivery. ONAP architecture contains a good portion of code from AT&T's Enhanced Control, Orchestration, Management and Policy architecture and the Open-Orchestrator project.

ONAP expects to release its second code, Beijing, in 2018. While the Amsterdam code aimed to improve service lifecycle automation and management for service providers, Beijing will target enterprise workloads, wireless 5G and the internet of things.

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