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SevOne and Versa Networks join forces for SD-WAN monitoring

In networking news, SevOne adds SD-WAN monitoring support for Versa Networks; HPE announces new hybrid cloud services with Microsoft; and Aerohive updates its A3 service with cloud management.

Boston-based SevOne Inc. announced this week a partnership with Versa Networks to extend its software-defined WAN monitoring capabilities to Versa's Secure Cloud IP Platform.

With SevOne's SD-WAN monitoring update, Versa SD-WAN customers will gain real-time and historical visibility into their networks, so they can keep track of their cloud-based network services and applications, according to a SevOne statement.

SevOne's SD-WAN monitoring service helps enterprises and managed service providers reduce or eliminate network management and monitoring risks when deploying SD-WANs in their network infrastructures. SevOne collects data from Versa SD-WAN controllers and devices, so operations and engineering teams can do the following:

  • understand and report on site-to-site performance;
  • visualize transmitted traffic's assigned path and class and ensure proper policy configuration;
  • use custom dashboards and key performance indicators that align with specific organizational roles in infrastructure;
  • follow end-to-end application performance during service transitions;
  • monitor and manage existing MPLS environments and SD-WAN developments in a single manner; and
  • plan for new SD-WAN monitoring policies with historical data and analytics.

SevOne's SD-WAN monitoring support for Versa's Cloud IP Platform is available now.

HPE reveals joint cloud services platform with Microsoft

Hewlett Packed Enterprise (HPE) announced this week five hybrid cloud services it developed with Microsoft to provide SMBs with essential hybrid cloud tools and simpler setup. HPE also unveiled two new servers built specifically for smaller enterprises.

HPE's new hybrid cloud offerings are Hybrid File and Backup, Hybrid Web Hosting, Hybrid Virtualization, Hybrid Development and Test, and Hybrid Database. The services aim to improve enterprise productivity and reduce the need for in-house expertise by providing simplified deployment capabilities, the company said in a statement. Each offering works with the new HPE servers: ProLiant DL20 and ML30 Gen10.

The HPE ProLiant DL20 Gen10 server is designed for space-constrained environments. It supports a range of Intel processor choices and storage capacity options to provide better flexibility and performance, HPE said. The HPE ProLiant ML30 Gen10 Server supports core business applications and is well-suited to meet specific application or performance goals.

HPE also introduced HPE Rapid Setup Software, which includes a guided installation process to save customers time during system installation and configuration.

HPE unveiled its new offerings during the SpiceWorld 2018 conference in Austin, Texas.

Aerohive brings cloud management to A3 service

Aerohive Networks, a cloud networking provider, has updated its A3 secure access management services with cloud management.

The A3 service was originally released in May 2018 as an on-premises service, but it now integrates with microservices cloud management architecture using Kubernetes containers, Aerohive said in a statement.

A3 offers cloud-based monitoring for all customer sites and allows full lifecycle management of access network infrastructure components, such as access points, routers and switches. The update also includes secure access management and network access control through a single management console. On-site enforcement nodes take on localized tasks, such as device onboarding and access control enforcement, Aerohive said.

Updated features also include an automated and GUI-based configuration process, which enables a complete A3 platform cluster setup in six clicks, the company said. A3 cloud management supports integration with any network, and it is available now at no additional charge to A3 customers.

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