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Aviatrix unveils AVX Orchestrator for AWS

Aviatrix has introduced software for dividing virtual private clouds into secured groups on AWS. AVX Orchestrator complements AWS' Transit Gateway, launched this week at re:Invent.

Aviatrix, a provider of software for managing traffic and policies across multiple public clouds, has introduced an orchestrator for AWS Transit Gateway, a new feature that eases the difficulty of connecting multiple private networks on the AWS cloud.

Aviatrix demonstrated its new technology, called AVX Orchestrator, this week at the AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, where the cloud provider introduced Transit Gateway for companies running large numbers of virtual private clouds (VPC) on the AWS platform. VPCs are virtual networks developers build to deliver services to workloads running on an isolated section on AWS.

AWS developed Transit Gateway to introduce a simpler network architecture for connecting private data centers or remote offices to VPCs running on multiple AWS data centers. A single Transit Gateway can connect to as many as 5,000 VPCs, which companies might find difficult to manage without a third-party tool like AVX Orchestrator.

Aviatrix specializes in adding features to AWS-native tools to make them easier to use. The network-as-a-service provider does that through a virtual network overlay and an external controller that manage  traffic and policies across private networks running on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Other providers of similar technology include Aryaka, and Infradata.

AVX Orchestrator features

Orchestrator, which is part of the company's AVX Controller, handles routing table configurations for VPC traffic and can segment the network into security domains comprising groups of VPCs, said Steven Mih, CEO of Aviatrix, based in Palo Alto, Calif.

Engineers can also use Orchestrator to create policies for controlling traffic between domains. Strictly defining the traffic that can reach a domain bolsters security by preventing a malware infection from spreading.

AVX Orchestrator provides network segmentation only on Transit Gateway, Mih said.  However, the vendor plans to offer a similar feature eventually for Microsoft Azure.

Other services provided by the AVX Controller include network provisioning, configuration, logging, monitoring and traffic routing. The Aviatrix platform can also insert virtual network services into a multi-cloud network. Those services include a Layer 4 stateful packet inspection firewall and egress traffic filtering.

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