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Versa Networks updates software-defined security offerings

Versa Networks says new security features will help providers create safer branch networks; SDN could make medical devices more secure; and Aryaka claimed two SDN-related patents.

In recent SDN news: SD-WAN vendor Versa Networks rolled out new software-defined security features; Avaya is offering an Internet of Things management and security platform for medical devices; and Aryaka has claimed two SDN-related patents.

Software-defined security in the WAN

Startup Versa Networks has added new and updated features to its software-defined security offering. Versa FlexVNF SD-Sec is aimed at enabling service providers to deliver managed security services in branch networks.

Versa's security-oriented virtual network functions, or VNFs, include stateful and next-generation firewalls, malware protection, distributed denial-of-service attack protection, and URL and content filtering.

Versa, launched in 2012 by two Juniper Networks veterans, said the new updates allow providers to spin up software-defined security services in minutes. SD-Sec also now includes domain name system threat intelligence, which uses big data analytics, machine learning and automation to respond to evolving threats.

Versa made its FlexVNF software available in late 2015. The SD-WAN platform abstracts intelligence into a network overlay, allowing private and public connection pooling.

Read the full release on Versa's software-defined security updates here.

SDN for medical device security

Avaya Inc. has developed a new Internet of Things platform, called SDN Fx Healthcare, which uses software-defined networking to connect, secure and manage IoT medical devices.

Avaya said the scalable infrastructure allows healthcare organizations to segment network traffic for improved security. The platform automates device onboarding, and provides a comprehensive, real-time view of the locations and status of all devices within the network. SDN Fx Healthcare also allows administrators to prioritize flows based on traffic type and/or medical device.

SDN Fx Healthcare uses the Avaya Open Networking Adapter. It operates on a subscription-based pricing model.

Aryaka secures SDN patents

Aryaka said it has successfully claimed two new patents for technologies that enable its cloud-based SDN platform.

One patent covers Aryaka's multi-tenant network architecture. SD-WAN ULTRA, which Aryaka introduced last month, lets enterprises connect to the company's global private network -- using public Internet links to access enterprise-grade connectivity. SD-WAN ULTRA deployment takes between eight and 48 hours.

The multisegment architecture allows enterprises to exercise control over their SD-WAN optimization policies.

Aryaka's second patent is for Advanced Redundancy Removal, or ARR -- a byte-level data deduplication algorithm that speeds traffic and improves network throughput. According to Aryaka, deployments of ARR have sped up throughput and application performance for users 10 times or more.

Read the details here.

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