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Viptela, CA Technologies merge network performance management, SD-WAN

Viptela's SD-WAN meets CA Technologies' network performance management in a new partnership; VeloCloud adds voice quality monitoring to SD-WAN services; and AT&T and Colt test SDN interoperability.

In SDN news: Viptela and CA Technologies integrate SD-WAN and network performance management into one platform, with the intent to help enterprises transitioning to the cloud; VeloCloud combines voice quality monitoring with its SD-WAN services; and AT&T and Colt Technology Services announce a successful proof of concept in SDN interoperability.

Viptela partners with CA Technologies

Viptela and CA Technologies are joining forces to offer an integrated software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) and network performance management platform. The partnership will merge Viptela's vManage network management software with CA's network performance management and monitoring tools, which offer real-time metrics, network management and big data architecture.

The integrated platform will give enterprises real-time monitoring, optimized application performance and other capabilities, the companies said. In a statement, Viptela CEO Amir Khan said the companies aim to decrease gaps in network visibility, which will give insight to administrators looking to optimize their hybrid networks. A primary goal of the partnership, Khan said, is to help enterprises looking to transition their WANs to the cloud.

The new management software, which is based on CA Performance Management and CA Virtual Network Assurance, will be released next year.

VeloCloud announces SD-WAN-integrated voice quality monitoring

VeloCloud Networks Inc. recently introduced an additional feature to its cloud-based SD-WAN services: voice quality monitoring (VQM). According to VeloCloud, VQM will enable service providers and enterprises to monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot issues within the network that affect business voice communications.

The VeloCloud VQM feature uses an agent on the network edge that identifies performance issues on customer networks. It uses methods like R-value and mean opinion score to determine and monitor the quality of a voice call. It then transmits advanced metrics to network managers, allowing them to pinpoint problems before the network is affected.

With the VQM feature, enterprises don't need to install alternate monitoring hardware, VeloCloud said. Instead, they can integrate VQM with their SD-WANs, managed through a single console. VeloCloud VQM is immediately available for existing VeloCloud customers and service providers.

AT&T and Colt succeed in SDN interoperability trial

AT&T and Colt Technology Services recently announced a successful proof of concept in software-defined networking interoperability. According to the companies, they tested a standard API infrastructure between two different network service providers in the U.S. and Europe. Their intent: to prove SDN technologies can be integrated across multiple networks.

The companies used an API-to-API interface between SDN architectures in the U.S. East Coast and locations in Europe. They reported network services were successfully provisioned between the software-defined networks. The trial showed enterprises could reserve ports, order point-to-point Ethernet services and adjust bandwidth as needed. Additionally, the SDN services could be managed in real time, which would benefit customers looking for flexible and scalable networks.

"This proof of concept is a key building block, giving enterprises the power to provision scalable, flexible network services on demand," said Rajiv Datta, Colt's CTO, in a statement. "The API in our trial makes managing integrated SDNs accessible, agile, flexible and easy to adopt."

The companies said they intend to contribute their network-to-network interface and open API code to standards groups and industry forums.

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