Malware quiz: Test your knowledge of types and terms

Wait long enough, and what is old is new again.

This is often true in the case of cybercriminals, who make headlines for using cutting-edge techniques, though it's sometimes the older, more well-known attacks that do the most damage. Whether it's a sophisticated social engineering attack or a tried-and-true Trojan, security professionals have to be ready for anything.

Organizations cannot depend on antimalware protection to defend sensitive and proprietary data and systems from attacks. Even security programs with substantial budgets and the latest tools need to ensure infosec teams understand the fundamentals of malware terms and types. This foundational knowledge provides teams with integral context needed to interpret automated alerts or other functions of security tools that AI alone may not supply.

Armed with a working knowledge of malware terms and techniques, security professionals are in a better position to intervene at the first indicator of infection. Take this malware quiz to measure and reinforce your comprehension of cybercriminal tactics, trends and tools.

This was last updated in February 2021

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