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June 2018, Vol. 20, No. 3

Stranger things: IoT security concerns extend CISOs' reach

Connected devices, with the plethora of data they provide, play a critical role in enterprise digital transformation. But IoT security concerns are proving to be speedbumps -- if not outright roadblocks -- to adoption in many organizations. Consider this statistic: Gartner found in its most recent "Internet of Things Backbone Survey," published in 2017, that 32% of IT leaders list security as a top barrier to the internet of things. Attacks that use unsecured IoT devices have shown that there's more than compromised data at risk. They can cripple critical systems, a potentially catastrophic problem as IoT extends to automobiles and healthcare devices where lives could be at stake. The internet of things has also drastically expanded the size and scope of what security teams need to protect, adding IoT security concerns to CISOs' responsibilities. "It's meshing business knowledge with the technical knowledge to develop your risk framework and validate that the security measures you have will work with the operational requirements...

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