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Data loss prevention quiz: Test your training on DLP features

Data loss prevention tools can help infosec manage insider threat, shadow IT and compliance initiatives. Test your know-how with this DLP quiz.

Increasingly complex IT environments, combined with a sophisticated threat landscape and the continued expansion of remote work, have made the challenge of enterprise data security more daunting than ever for infosec teams.

There is no shortage of technology suites and tools available for IT leaders to divert precious security budget resources to ensure data protection. However, technology investment alone will not suffice to effectively prevent sensitive or proprietary data loss, corruption or theft.

Having a concrete data loss prevention (DLP) strategy in place is one the most effectual methods of detecting risks to valuable data. This set of technologies, products and processes monitors for anomalous behaviors and other indicators of insider threat or shadow IT. It is critical that infosec leaders and practitioners comprehend DLP features, controls and policies to ensure the organization is getting the most out of its security investments and programs.

With an understanding of DLP best practices -- as well as the importance of DLP in a cybersecurity strategy -- organizations are better equipped to prevent data exfiltration and breaches. Take this DLP quiz, specially designed with questions and answers about DLP, to measure and multiply your knowledge of this important data security tool and strategy.

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