Try this quiz on cybersecurity problems to earn CPE credit

This quiz tests your understanding of key cybersecurity issues in 2019 covered in the February issue of 'Information Security' magazine. Pass the quiz and earn CPE credit.

CISOs and other information security professionals must tackle serious problems head-on. Staying current in this fast-moving field is never easy; our goal is to provide security leaders both the information they need and the means to solidify that knowledge (and keep certifications current, with this quiz on cybersecurity problems).

The February 2019 issue of Information Security magazine focused on key cybersecurity problems and found a startling array of potential threats. Cyber attacks from nation-states are rising and getting more dangerous. Given that the U.S. government has yet to devise a reliable way to deter these attacks, many organizations are on their own.

At the same time, CISOs must also concern themselves with the business goals of their organization and how to keep up with and satisfy a growing number of regulatory restrictions. Then there are perennial problems -- such as the lack of qualified security staff. Not to mention the fact that security budgets are just never quite big enough -- even though the rate of change in IT security has never been greater.

In other words, the job of the CISO in 2019 -- or of anyone on an organization's security team for that matter -- is not an easy one. But we're here to help you stay apprised of what's new and what others in the field are doing to cope with the cybersecurity landscape. By reading this issue of Information Security, you'll gain essential knowledge that will make your role easier to perform well. In addition, if you correctly answer at least seven of the following ten questions in this quiz on cybersecurity problems in 2019 and other topics, you will be eligible to earn CPE credit through our certification partner, (ISC)².

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