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Security awareness training quiz: Insider threat prevention

Find out how much you know about preventing user-caused cybersecurity incidents through education in this security awareness training quiz for infosec pros.

Too often, enterprises classify cybersecurity as an IT-only activity and discuss risk management exclusively in terms of technology or tools. Yet, multiple studies continuously prove that insiders pose one of the greatest risks to an enterprise's security. Whether accidental or malicious, insider threats can cause enormous financial and reputational damage -- for example, through data loss or exfiltration or falling victim to a phishing attack.

Organizations may instinctually turn to technology as the solution to insider threat prevention. While tools such as data loss prevention, firewalls and email filters may alleviate the symptoms of insider threats, they do nothing to address the root cause. To treat the issue of user-caused incidents at its core, IT leaders need to implement comprehensive and consistent security awareness training.

This security awareness training quiz's questions and answers are designed to test and reinforce understanding of infosec fundamentals. By taking this quiz, IT professionals will be in a better position to educate employees on security best practices at their own organization.

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