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Security awareness training quiz: Questions and answers

From ransomware to passphrases, find out how much you know about preventing cybersecurity incidents in this security awareness training quiz.

Employees are cited as the weakest link in cybersecurity. Verizon's "2023 Data Breach Investigations Report" found 74% of all breaches include the human element, from human error to stolen credentials to social engineering.

Accidental or malicious, insider threats can cause enormous financial and reputational damage. The good news is that employees can also be an organization's first line of defense -- if they receive the proper training.

Tools such as data loss prevention, firewalls and email filters can alleviate the symptoms of insider threats, but they do nothing to address the root cause. To prevent user-caused incidents at their core, IT leaders need to create and implement a comprehensive and consistent security awareness training program.

The following security awareness training quiz contains questions and answers designed to test and reinforce understanding of infosec fundamentals. By taking this quiz, get a baseline of cybersecurity knowledge, and uncover where employees need more training.

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