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Dell adds 2.5-inch SAS, MLC SSDs to EqualLogic

Dell revamped its EqualLogic iSCSI SAN hardware today, adding new entry-level and midrange platforms with support for 2.5-inch SAS drives and multi-level cell (MLC) solid state drives (SSDs) for the first time. The new PS6100 and PS4100 lines support the 5.1 firmware Dell launched in June.

The PS6100 series comes in 2U and 4U configurations, and scales to 72 TB in one array and 1.2 PB in a group of 16 systems. The 2U system hold 24 2.5-inch drives to scale for a maximum capacity of 21.6 TB and the 3U systems hold 24 3.5-inch drives for 72 TB.

The PS6100 series supports 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch performance and capacity SAS drives, as well as to 24 400 GB SSDs in the 6100S and seven 400 GB SSDs in the 6100XS models. Dell is using Pliant Technology (now part of SanDisk) MLC drives in the PS6100 family.

The PS4100 series boxes are all 2U models, holding either 24 2.5-inch drives for 21.6 TB or 12 3.5-inch drives for 36 TB. The PS4100 supports performance and capacity SAS drives, but not SSDs. The PS4100 only supports two systems in one group.

“The big difference in the two platforms is scalability,” said Travis Vigil, executive director of Dell Storage.

The PS6100 and PS4100 will eventually replace the PS6000 and PS4000, although customers can mix nodes from the new and old platforms in the same virtual storage pool.

The 5.1 firmware handles tiering and load balancing that can help manage SSDs by moving data based on access patterns, Vigil said. Although EqualLogic has been offering single-level cell (SLC) SSDs in the PS6000 line since 2009, Vigil said less than 10% of EqualLogic systems ship with SSDs. “We’re seeing that our customers don’t need a lot of SSDs, but SSDs gives a nice performance boost for those who do need them,” he said.

Pricing starts at $9,499 for the PS4100 and $30,699 for the PS6100.

The EqualLogic launch comes as Dell continues to transition from an EMC OEM partner to selling its own storage mostly around the acquisitions of EqualLogic and Compellent. EqualLogic sales actually dropped last quarter from the previous year according to Dell’s earnings report, as Dell execs blamed the sales decrease on a supply chain issue that has been fixed and customers waiting for the new platform. Dell maintains that EqualLogic is still the iSCSI SAN market leader, however.

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