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Dell Technologies World 2021 news and conference coverage

Last updated:May 2021

Editor's note

The virtual Dell Technologies World 2021 conference took place from May 5-6, right on the heels of the vendor's announcement that it would spin off VMware. Dell Technologies acquired VMware as part of its 2015 EMC acquisition. The deal will create two separate companies and is expected to generate approximately $9 billion for Dell.

The VMware spinoff generated plenty of conversation before -- and during -- the conference. Keynote sessions looked at how the past year has changed technology and how we use it, as well as data-driven technology trends. Guru sessions focused on the creative aspects of technology and what it means to rethink the idea of "business as usual."

This guide offers updated coverage of Dell Technologies World 2021, as well as some pre-conference moves by the vendor.

1Updates from the virtual conference floor

Read the latest news and analysis from Dell Technologies World 2021.

2Run-up to Dell Technologies World 2021

Catch up on some recent developments before the conference starts.