Panzura launches global file system Freedom 8

Panzura's new platform, Panzura Freedom 8, is a multi-cloud services platform designed to enable users around the world to collaborate on a single, large-scale project with ease.

Panzura Inc. has launched Panzura Freedom 8 -- a multi-cloud file services platform designed to migrate apps and data to the cloud without rewrite.

Panzura claims that Freedom 8 provides enhancements in scale, cloud data protection, performance, search, central management analytics and mobile access in a single global cloud-native file system. The aim of Freedom 8 is to fuel productivity gains for teams spread out across the globe that have to collaborate to work on large-scale projects, such as buildings, cars or software.

Freedom 8 uses cloud mirroring, which mirrors data to two or more clouds, to secure and protect cloud data. According to Panzura, this lowers the costs of managing the growth of unstructured file data by 70%.

When creating Freedom 8, Panzura aimed to build a global file system that did not force users to split file data into multiple volumes due to scale, performance and file locking limitations. The Freedom 8 cloud system offers connected data for machines, people and applications. By consolidating file data into a single source, Panzura claims it also eliminates copy data sprawl and data islands.

Panzura also claims that Freedom 8 ensures consistent, fast access to data from anywhere in the world; delivers faster team performance and productivity gains; enables the ability to search, analyze and control data; and increases productivity of teams while reducing file storage cost, yielding higher profitability.

Full features of Panzura Freedom 8 include:

  • Increased throughput for read/write operations to the public cloud and 20 Gbps front-end throughput using Freedom Filer virtual machine enables Freedom 8 to service demanding I/O for NFS and SMB file-based applications, machines and users.
  • Limitless number of global sites in one global file system.
  • Support for 5,000 connections for single filers and hundreds of thousands of connections in a cluster.
  • Protection against disruption from cloud outages, accidental deletion of cloud buckets and doubles cloud storage availability using cloud mirroring.
  • Fully automated deployment, configuration and management of all filers, including performance, health and status metrics through granular REST API.
  • Single portal for monitoring statistics for all filed nodes worldwide, including central, customizable alerting capabilities.
  • Visualization, indexing, search, audit and analysis capabilities through
  • Access to Freedom 8 through a mobile application.

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