VMware EVC (VMware Enhanced vMotion compatibility)

VMware EVC is a feature in VMware vSphere virtualization that allows virtual machines (VMs) to move between ESX/ESXi hosts on different CPUs. VMware EVC stands for VMware Enhanced vMotion Compatibility.

VMware EVC hides relevant CPU features that do not match across all vMotion-enabled hosts, such as clock speed or number of cores. This feature works for different versions of CPUs from the same chipmaker. VMware EVC cannot enable vMotions between AMD and Intel processors, however.

VMware vCenter Server checks for compatibility between a VM's current and destination hosts before vMotioning the running VM. Although VMware vSphere allows users to hide CPU features from individual VMs by using CPU compatibility mask settings, it is not recommended. Enhanced vMotion Capability cannot always prevent a VM from accessing CPU features, depending on how applications function on the virtual machine.

This was last updated in June 2013

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