VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP)

The VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP) is program that allows VMware Partner Network Program participants to offer VMware-based cloud services.

The goal of the program is to provide service provider partners with an easy to implement OpEx strategy for investing in VMware infrastructure on a pay-per-use model. The service provider can rent VMware product licenses using a points system. Each VMware offering costs a certain amount of points and the total points used per month determines how much VMware charges the service provider.

VMware also provides partners with various benefits depending on the partner's membership level -- Registered, Professional, Enterprise and Premier. Some of these benefits include access to marketing material, training and technical support on VMware products and services, discounted product licenses, tools to help develop offerings based on VMware products, and having the service provider listed under VMware's Partner Locator site. Depending on the membership level, VMware may also require the partner to purchase a certain amount of points per month or have a minimum number of VMware Certified Professionals (VCPs) to be on staff.


This was last updated in March 2014

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