VMware vShield

VMware vShield is a group of networking and security products for virtualized IT infrastructures. 

vShield is comprised of vShield Manager, vShield Edge, vShield Zones, vShield App, vShield Data Security and vShield Endpoint. Products in the vShield Suite operate under the centralized management of vShield Manager. 

VShield Zones - provides basic virtual networking security and firewalls to vSphere. 

VShield App - adds a firewall for applications in the virtual data center. 

VShield Edge - operates on the network edge, securing isolated virtual machines (VMs) and virtualized networks and providing their gateway services. 

VShield Data Security - protects sensitive data in the virtual and cloud infrastructure, tracking any violations.

VShield Endpoint - supports agentless antivirus protection for guest OSes, in a secure virtual appliance. 

This was last updated in February 2013

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