Top five free tools from VMware Labs


Manage your VMs better with VMware Guest Console

One of the most powerful tools from VMware Labs is the VMware Guest Console. This Windows tool can perform a long list of tasks, all related to VMs in your vSphere infrastructure. No, VMware Guest Console doesn't do anything for your hosts – it's all about VMs. Here's how VMware Guest Console can help you to administer your VMs:

  • Task management -- listing, starting and ending processes running on a guest (or on multiple guests at once).
  • Mass deployment -- copy programs or scripts to one or multiple guests and execute them. This is powerful for program installations like antivirus, backup agents or development.
  • File exploring -- access the guest file system of each VM, copy files to and from the host and perform other basic operations.
  • Snapshot manager -- displays a comprehensive TREE and LIST view of snapshots on all VMs on all connected hosts. Supports snapshot operations like create, delete and revert with a single user action on a single VM or all VMs on a host. Mass operations like "delete" can be performed on a dynamically selected group of snapshots based on criteria like snapshot names, creation time and power state.
  • VM manager -- displays vital statistics about a VM, including guest operating system type, IP address, tools build number, guest uptime, logged-in user, VM-like power state, CPU count, memory, hardware version and storage path.
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