Microsoft Identity Manager 2016

Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 is a tool that allows organizations to manage access, users, policies and credentials. MIM 2016 is the successor to Microsoft's Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2.

MIM 2016 supports a variety of related identity features. In addition to local identity management, MIM 2016 supports hybrid environments by working in tandem with the Microsoft Azure public cloud. For example, MIM allows seamless integration of local Active Directory identity information with Azure Active Directory, and preparation of user profiles for Microsoft Office 365.

Other features include Privileged Identity Management which can provide users with temporary access to certain administrative capabilities for specific tasks to reduce the workload on IT administrators while limiting the attack opportunities for malicious users. Improved support in certificate management for REST API handles API access across complex multi-forest data center topologies. A Windows store app provides virtual smartcard and certificate lifecycle management. Enhanced troubleshooting and self-service capabilities allow tasks such as unlocking accounts and multifactor authentication for password resets.

As a minimum, MIM 2016 deployment requires Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 -- the endpoints can use Windows 7 and Outlook 2010 or later -- the sync and service database use SQL Server 2008 R2, the portal uses SharePoint 2010, and the reporting data warehouse use SCSM 2010 SP1. However, MIM 2016 should also support later components such as Windows 8.1 with Internet Explorer 8, Windows Server 2012 R2, SQL 2014, Outlook 2013, and System Center Service Manager 2012 and 2012 R2.

MIM 2016 is intended for enterprise security and systems administrators tasked with organizing enterprise-class identity management responsibilities. A free 180-day evaluation version of MIM 2016 is available through the Microsoft TechNet Evaluation Center. MIM 2016 is currently licensed per-user, and a Client Access License is required for each user with a managed identity. A Windows Server license is required to run MIM 2016 as a server. However, MIM 2016 is included with Azure Active Directory Premium which is part of the Enterprise Mobility Suite.

This was last updated in July 2016

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