See why the leading technology sales and marketing innovators love working with TechTarget

Sales Enablement

Melissa Doerksen

Global Campaign Lead

“When we think about targeted marketing and about being intentional, there’s such a natural fit with Priority Engine and TechTarget.”

Sales Enablement

Dermot Hurley

Director of Marketing EMEA

“We were always able to prioritize at the account level. Now being able to do that at the prospect level is a great value-add for our SDR team.”

Sales Enablement

Kelly Michael

Marketing Director

“Priority Engine has helped us provide Sales with the contacts and intent data to better prioritize their outreach and tailor their conversations to break in.”

Sales Enablement

Jackie Joly

Marketing Operations Specialist

“Our sales reps really like Priority Engine and how easy it is to use. It’s been a big factor in helping them book meetings and progress deals.”

Improve Response Rates

Tal Klein

Chief Marketing Officer

“It’s very easy for me to prove ROI with Priority Engine. In the last quarter, we have had six opportunities directly attributed to Priority Engine.”


Fred Serpa

Regional Marketing Manager

“With Priority Engine we can see exactly what a person is looking at, easily understand the behavior at the person-level, and decide if we want to include them in a campaign or event using relevant and recent information.”

Generate Meetings

Brett Haynes

Manager, Sales Development

“Those sales reps who are using Priority Engine are the ones who are hitting 100% of their goals.”

Generate Qualified Leads

Courtney Brown

Marketing Manager

“With Priority Engine, not only are we reaching our MQL goals, but we know what the accounts are researching. We can feel confident when reaching out to people.”

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