Service Express needed to build a modern demand generation capability. At the same time, they were savvy enough to realize that their program’s long-term success relied a great deal on proving impact early and often.

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Nate Spurgess

It [Priority Engine] generates the most qualified leads of any channel. An added benefit is that individuals are double opt-in, so you can [immediately] utilize your marketing automation platforms [for nurture].”

Nate Spurgess, Demand Marketing Manager

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Nate Spurgess


Service Express partners with TechTarget in three critical demand-driving areas:

Buyer’s Journey Visibility: Priority Engine provides access to real opt-in buyers at scale for pursuit by both marketing and sales.

Relevant Awareness: This same intent data powers much more targeted advertising and relevant messaging, needed to cover a rapidly expanding market space.

Account Engagement: AI-optimized content syndication delivers strong engagement with the right audiences at scale, for dependable, highly convertible funnel volumes.

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  • The most reliable, scalable source of qualified leads
  • The quickest pipeline velocity
  • The largest average deal size among their portfolio of suppliers
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Service Express accelerates ABM with Priority Engine.

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