TechTarget News - Week of Oct 28, 2012

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4G services launched in 11 UK cities

EE has launched the UK’s first superfast 4G broadband services for consumers and businesses in 11 cities

Teradata brings big data into the SQL family

Teradata addresses the issue of combining unstructured, semi-structured and traditional row-and-column data warehousing in a single architecture.

How will the 4G LTE roll-out benefit your business?

An EE survey of the business benefits of 4G LTE shows improved mobile working and innovation the main advantages of the superfast broadband

Government dips toe in water for single ERP

The government is to test the feasibility of moving to a single enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform across Whitehall

‘VM-aware’ viruses on the rise

Viruses targeting virtual machines (VM) are growing in numbers and will soon be the dominant force in the world of cyber crime, says Kaspersky

RBS pays customers extra £50m for IT failure

The IT failure that struck Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) in June will cost more than expected as customers are paid an extra £50m compensation

Apple iOS 6.0.1 update fixes four security holes

iOS platform gets an update to 6.0.1 to fix security and stability problems. WebKit holes and kernel faults list among Apple’s list of patched bugs.

O2 ramps up roaming charges for outside EU

After being forced to cut rates for users in Europe, the mobile operator increases roaming charges for outside the EU

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