TechTarget News - Week of Apr 16, 2023

Public cloud adoption set to surge in Australia

New and existing workloads are increasingly being migrated to public cloud, with two-thirds of Australian organisations already running cloud workloads in production in 2022

Valoo taps Nokia to offer multi-gig fibre broadband in Finland

As part of its mission to make Finland an information society that meets international standards, digital service provider becomes global tech firm’s first comprehensive XGS-PON solution in home territory

Cellcom, Parallel Wireless pilot independent 5G network in Israel

Leading Israeli cellular provider and Open RAN software platform launch what they claim is a unique, first-of-its-kind experiment to deploy a standalone fifth-generation network for autonomous 5G applications

A rise in workplace violence gets a tech response

Mass shootings in the U.S. are rising, with workplaces being common targets. This has led to the development of advanced weapon detection and employee threat identification tools.

RWTH Aachen looks for educational edge with private 5G

Global IT infrastructure and services company announces a live private 5G installation for a leading university in Germany to support and develop research, innovation and education

Tech spending in India to grow by 9.6% in 2023

Digital initiatives in the public sector along with investments in telecoms and other areas are expected to spur technology spending in India this year

UK presses on with post-Brexit data protection reform

The revised version of the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill has had its second reading in Parliament as the government presses on with post-Brexit changes, but critics remain sceptical that the EU will be convinced to maintain the UK's data adequacy agreement

Industry 4.0 usage matures across industrial campuses

Nokia and ABI Research announce results of study highlighting the progress and plans for enterprise infrastructure investments in several key sectors made over the past year

Focus on these three risky behaviours to boost cloud security

Some 80% of cloud security alerts are triggered by just 5% of security rules. Security teams can substantially improve their resilience by zeroing in on a small set of risky behaviours, according to a report

Qlik launches new pricing options for data integration suite

The longtime independent vendor now offers three capacity-based cost options for its data integration platform, and plans to soon add the same options for its analytics platform.

Rockset adds vector embedding support to real-time database

The real-time database vendor now enables users to search and combine unstructured data with structured and semi-structured data to provide more in-depth modeling and analysis.

Enterprise networking sees age of SASE and network as a service

Report reveals complexity of third workspace has transformed how modern IT organisations view network and security, with 98% of IT executives planning to increase investment in cloud services

How organisations can succeed with zero trust

By starting small, taking a long-term view and prioritising the most critical assets in their zero-trust implementations, organisations will be able to reap returns from their investments in the security paradigm

2022 becomes ‘graduation year’ as 5G reaches global tipping point

Seventh annual 5G progress report from provider of network test, monitoring and assurance solutions finds 47 of world’s 70 largest economies now have active 5G networks, with diverse and widespread interest in mmWave across the globe

CyberUK 23: Alert over mercenary Russian threat to CNI

Russian hacktivists supportive of their government’s war on Ukraine are turning their attention to disruptive or destructive attacks on critical infrastructure in the UK, the NCSC has warned

Cisco urges users to keep its network hardware up-to-date

In the wake of a campaign of threat activity targeting a six-year-old Cisco router vulnerability, the networking giant has warned users to be on high alert and update their hardware

CyberUK 23: NCSC launches Cyber Advisor service for SMEs

The UK’s NCSC has launched an industry assurance scheme designed to address the needs of SMEs, and is calling for potential advisors to step up and help out

Salesforce integrates Einstein GPT and Data Cloud into Flow

The CRM giant updated Flow, its automation toolkit, with generative AI and Data Cloud capabilities to trigger automatic responses using natural language prompts and real-time data.

UK plc sees fewer cyber breaches and attacks, but lacks resilience

Latest government figures reveal UK businesses and charities reported lower volumes of cyber breaches and attacks over the past 12 months, but the statistics mask widespread underreporting and the true state of cyber readiness and resilience appears poor

Server-side Wasm boosts K8s bonds, devx ahead of key update

Early adopters await a WASI update this year before server-side Wasm can be ready for wider production use. For now, PaaS vendors have begun to bridge some of the gaps.

Atlassian unveils generative AI-backed tools for Confluence

The collaboration software vendor incorporated a virtual assistant supported by OpenAI technology to summarize meetings and draft tweets in Confluence, its collaboration space.

Zadara taps new CEO as founder moves to CTO role

Yoram Novick, the second CEO for cloud startup Zadara, brings decades of IT executive experience to the role and talks about private cloud competition in this Q&A.

Calif. lawmakers might mandate active shooter training

California lawmakers are advancing legislation to require active shooter training for all businesses. The bill aims to better prepare employees for workplace violence.

Point32Health confirms service disruption due to ransomware

A ransomware attack interrupted access to services provided by one of New England's largest healthcare insurers, though the scope of affected customers and data remains unknown.

Mandiant: 3CX breach caused by second supply chain attack

Trading Technologies said in a statement it had 'not had the ability to verify the assertions in Mandiant's report' that its software played a role in the 3CX supply chain attack.

Banks don’t want to develop fintech in-house

Banks are increasingly partnering with fintechs to gain access to their platforms, with few interested in developing such capabilities in-house

3CX incident may be world’s first double supply chain attack

It’s supply chain attacks all the way down as Mandiant publishes information suggesting that the 3CX software supply chain compromise was initiated via a prior software supply chain compromise

DC Health Link breach caused by misconfigured server

Mila Kofman, executive director of the District of Columbia Health Benefit Exchange Authority, blames "human error" for the DC Health Link breach.

HPE brings multi-protocol Alletra storage to GreenLake

HPE's newest addition to its Alletra portfolio supports block, file and object protocols. It reflects a shift toward simplification and commoditization in storage hardware.

Dell: Channel can help plug innovation gap

Vendor’s research reveals a large number of customers are not taking a lead in innovation, which is where the channel can step in to help

UK Emergency Alert Test sparks cyber fraud warning

Fraudsters and scammers are likely to use the upcoming test of the UK's new mobile Emergency Alert system as bait in their attacks, while misinformation and conspiracy theories spread

Sidecarless eBPF service mesh sparks debate

As cloud-native service meshes expand beyond Kubernetes, open source community members raise concerns about the security and suitability of eBPF in sidecarless architectures.

Fortra completes GoAnywhere MFT investigation

An investigation around the zero-day attack that affected a growing number of victims revealed that activity started earlier than Fortra initially reported.

Oracle HCM adds new career development tool

Oracle HCM says its new HR tool, Oracle Grow, helps employees develop skills by providing career options, paths and training amid a rapidly changing job market.

Prototype cyber tech has revolutionary potential

The so-called CHERI protection model developed at the University of Cambridge is showing great promise for future cyber security technologies

UK biometrics watchdog questions police cloud deployments

The UK biometrics commissioner has warned that policing and justice bodies must be able to demonstrate ‘immediately and unequivocally’ that their cloud deployments are lawful

Biases keep Dutch girls out of STEM and IT

Unconscious stereotypes and bias still ensure few girls in the Netherlands choose to study engineering or IT. Government, education and businesses need to make significant steps to turn this around

A weak ESG stance will lose channel business

Research from OVHcloud and the Cloud Industry Forum adds to growing evidence that sustainability is becoming a business maker or breaker

Sustainability strategy must focus on energy consumption

In this Q&A, Greg Cudahy of EY discusses why more efficient energy consumption helps companies meet sustainability goals and how public-private investment drives energy transitions.

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