Designing a Comprehensive Intent Data Strategy

In an environment where information imbalances stand to drive buyers and sellers further apart, teams that continue to rely only on traditional inward-focused insight sources will be at a widening disadvantage. More and more, slow-to-change organizations will know less than their competitors about their markets, their prospects and potentially even their own customers. Without a clear understanding of the information available from intent data, they could be at serious risk of further go-to-market (GTM) performance declines.

In this e-book, we’ll break down the key takeaways from a recent session with Forrester’s Malachi Threadgill to help B2B teams better understand the information available from intent data as a category and a path towards its adoption. You’ll explore:

  • Clarification around the types of intent data to help guide how organization source buyer insights.
  • Four key issues every team must navigate through in their intent data journey to realize its full potential.
  • Key areas of opportunity for leveraging intent data to transform your B2B GTM performance.
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