SOA registry

An SOA registry is a resource that provides controlled access to data necessary for governance of SOA (service-oriented architecture) projects. In effect, it is a constantly evolving catalog of information about the available services in an SOA implementation. An SOA registry allows businesses to efficiently discover and communicate with each other using Web services. The ultimate goal is to allow fast and reliable communication and interoperability among diverse applications with minimal human oversight.

An SOA registry supports the UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration) specification, an XML- (Extensible Markup Language) based registry that was developed for the purpose of making systems interoperable for e-commerce. The SOA registry expands on UDDI by facilitating enhanced and continuous revision of content. Such content can exist as XML documents, process descriptions and information about potential business partners. An SOA registry allows a participating enterprise to discover and use current and relevant information more quickly than is possible with UDDI alone.

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