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Amazon AI is a set of artificial intelligence (AI) services that offer machine learning and deep learning technologies for Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers. The services, which are called Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Machine Learning, are accessible through an API call or the AWS Management Console.

The Amazon AI suite of services can have text or voice conversations with an end user using a conversational, ChatOps interface. It also has services that can understand human languages, turn text into speech and analyze images to identify places, faces and objects. The speech recognition, text-to-speech, image recognition and machine learning services are scalable and fully managed, allowing a developer to include the technology in an application without having to learn algorithms or manage the supporting infrastructure.

Amazon AI service options

Amazon Lex enables a developer to build conversational interfaces in applications. Amazon Lex uses automatic speech recognition to convert speech to text and natural language processing to understand spoken instruction. Deep-learning technology allows a developer to build an application that can have lifelike interactions, similar to the Amazon Alexa service that powers Amazon Echo. A developer can use the service to build conversational bots, also known as chatbots.

Amazon Polly allows a developer to add natural-sounding speech capabilities into applications. A developer sends text to Amazon Polly through a software development kit or the AWS Management Console, and Polly synthesizes it into humanlike speech. Amazon Polly provides more than 40 voices in 20 languages.

Amazon Rekognition uses facial, object and scene recognition to analyze images and make determinations about their content. Amazon Rekognition also provides image search and face-comparison features that a developer can use in an application. The service labels objects and people using uses preprogrammed, deep-neural network technologies that are based on the technology Amazon uses in-house to analyze images within Prime Photos.

Amazon Machine Learning allows a developer to identify patterns in end-user data through algorithms and to create mathematical models based on these patterns for predictive analytics applications.

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