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February 2018, Vol. 6 No. 1

AI functionality limited today but could be a game-changer

Take a look at the range applications we call artificial intelligence today, and you're likely to notice that the technology is not very useful. That's not to say engineers and programmers haven't made huge strides in recent years, developing deep learning algorithms capable outperforming humans in diverse tasks from image classification to strategic game playing. But problems occur when developers try to connect AI functionality to business processes. Developers are increasingly finding that, in the real world, AI functions differently than it does in training environments. Though industry people are very excited about AI, and the hype surrounding the technology has grown significantly, enterprises might have to wait a while before they see truly game-changing tools. Take, for example, chatbots. These natural language processing-powered algorithms are popping up everywhere, from online ordering systems to smart assistant platforms. They represent some the more advanced and usable tools in the AI world right now. But when it ...

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