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February 2018, Vol. 6 No. 1

AI technologies have come far, but the road is long

If you believe what you read, AI technologies have officially permeated the tech market, and you need to get on board now or be left in the annals of history with Blockbuster and Myspace. Problem is, it isn't that easy -- at least, not yet. We've only begun to see what AI technologies such as machine learning can do, and only a small percentage of companies actually have the right data, people and money to invest in the cutting edge. To complicate matters further, a number of companies that claim to offer AI products really only provide one aspect of it, like speech for building chatbots. It makes me wonder if marketers realize that when they overhype products, their customers are underwhelmed and it denigrates all AI. And do they realize that AI washing makes jaded tech journalists even more skeptical than they already are? (I'm asking for a friend.) As writer Ed Burns says in his feature, "The AI hype train may have left the station a little early." That's not to undercut the value machine learning and other tools that come ...

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