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February 2018, Vol. 6 No. 1

Hype surrounding AI technologies nears atomic proportions

Like a child trapped in a septuagenarian's body, artificial intelligence presents an odd sort of dichotomy. The technology, or at least the concept, has been around for decades, and while AI technologies have recently gained traction in several niche applications, it's far from achieving mainstream status in consumer and business markets. Before that can happen, many challenges and hindrances need to be addressed, including seamless human-machine conversations, integration of AI technologies, access to clean data, competition for data scientists and democratization of AI within organizations. "General AI is still quite a ways off," acknowledged Tyler Schulze, vice president of AI platform maker Veritone, during December's AI World Conference in Boston. Machine learning platform maker Kogentix CEO Boyd Davis, who also spoke at the conference, said "most of the statistics you see out there say less than 20% of organizations are using any of these [AI] technologies, and less than 5% are using it to its full potential or even close ...

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