Yellowbrick Data, MicroStrategy partnership aims to enhance analytics

The new partnership will enable flexible scalability, support for mixed workloads and multi-cloud support. The goal is to provide actionable insights into data.

MicroStrategy and enterprise data warehouse vendor Yellowbrick Data recently announced a new partnership that will integrate a Yellowbrick Data warehouse with the analytics platform Microsoft 2020. The goal is to enable faster queries and provide improved insights into data.

Allen Holmes, vice president of business development at Yellowbrick Data, said the MicroStrategy partnership will open the door for users looking for new ways to manage and store data in an integrated system.

"In essence, it is about making sure we have a complete and robust ecosystem that makes it easy for end users and compelling for customers," he said.

Some features of the Yellowbrick Data and MicroStrategy partnership include:

  • integration with MicroStrategy 2020 and HyperIntelligence dossiers, dashboards and analytics;
  • flexible scalability;
  • support for simultaneous, mixed workloads, like IoT and online transaction processing data; and
  • multi-cloud support.

This isn't the only partnership Yellowbrick is in; the company also works with SAS, Informatica and Tableau. Such partnerships are helpful for users who do not want to switch systems or train on new software. Howard Dresner, chief research officer at Dresner Advisory Services, said it's common for companies to have multiple partnerships to provide diversity for users.

"Nobody wants to get locked in," he said. "So I want to, if I am MicroStrategy or any user environment, have as many technology partners on the back end that I possibly can so I can offer my customers alternatives. Likewise, if you're an analytical data infrastructure vendor, you want to have as many front-end vendors as you can to support your product for the same reason.

"There are a lot more cost-effective options, a lot more cloud-based options that are out there and what we've found in our research is that, by and large, organizations want to move into the cloud and they also want to separate compute from storage," Dresner said. "I think that more options are better than fewer options, and when you look at the market and look at vendors like Snowflake, for instance, they've done extraordinarily well based on those principals and those trends."

News of the Yellowbrick and MicroStrategy partnership was shared after the launch of new upgrades to MicroStrategy's HyperIntelligence at MicroStrategy 2020.

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