What are some applications of AI in content management?

Content management systems in the healthcare and legal industries use AI to automate tasks, saving businesses the time and money spent on employees to do the same work.

Content management is a natural place for AI, and while it can be problematic -- because content usually means unstructured data -- it can be done, and some industries are ripe for it, including the health and legal sectors.

Leading the pack is healthcare, where AI is already in use in diagnostics, patient data analytics, care management, treatment effectiveness and countless other areas. And the role of AI in content management is beginning to emerge.

A critical AI application is tracing hospital and caregiver errors -- a leading cause of death in the United States. Content management can have a positive impact on hospital error in itself, but hospitals and other care facilities that use AI in content management can scan for patterns to identify care deficiencies and faulty processes that much faster.

AI also has strong potential with healthcare claims data, where pattern detection can identify opportunities for early intervention. Medicare and Medicaid care management organizations use AI to detect patterns of claims that foreshadow costly medical conditions, heading them off through effective care management with the early warning.

In the legal sector, the technology is pretty far behind the curve, but it's moving forward -- embracing content management reluctantly but necessarily. Legal documents must be well-indexed and easily accessible, but they must also meet compliance standards and be secure.

AI-driven text analytics can save time and money spent on paralegals searching through thousands of documents for information relevant to particular cases. Moreover, within a body of assembled case-specific documents, AI can scour each document for relevance to a case. It can also examine bodies of text generated by defendants, witnesses and other parties involved in a case for inconsistencies and contradictions thousands of times faster -- and more accurately -- than a lawyer.

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