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Content collaboration puts content management on steroids

In today's world, it's all about the data -- especially when it comes to AI and machine learning tools that help knowledge workers get things done.

Without data, these cutting-edge robotic technologies can't derive new insights and automation to create new efficiencies so humans can concentrate on creating new content, solving thorny problems or driving new revenue. In an ironic twist, 1990s-era platforms are suddenly relevant once again. In these "ancient" technologies -- at times called file-sharing, document management and enterprise content management systems -- lay the bounteous data needed to power new AI tools and the future of ECM.

Content management has since morphed into a collaboration platform where documents, their iterations and their metadata can be catalogued, thus giving AI tools fodder for sorting and tracking. In this way, these automatons help searchers better locate the content they need -- a process that used to require painstaking human interaction.

Back in the day, organizations kept their document stores grounded in on-premises data centers. Today, these centers typically are untethered or divided into hybrid cloud and on-premises models.

The cloud portion of content management has given rise to content collaboration tools that enable chat and file exchange, the comments around which also become part of an organization's knowledge base. AI tools can crawl those content collaboration repositories as well, and chatbots can automate mundane tasks such as helping new employees find documents to facilitate onboarding into benefits systems and job training.

In this handbook on the future of ECM, we explore some of these tech trends in which the new and old enterprise IT tools come together in the cloud to create better workflows and enable employees to collaborate on virtual platforms, regardless of location, device of choice or time of day. Also, Box's Jeetu Patel, tells us what's in store for the near term.

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