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Why personalization will always win

I've been going to the same coffee shop in my hometown for more than 10 years. The shop doesn't have my favorite coffee, parking is often a chore and sometimes the place is too crowded. But I keep returning year after year for one reason: The employees always remember my name and my coffee order. It may seem insignificant, but the warm feeling I get when a barista rings up my order by memory is a simple pleasure that's hard to find elsewhere.

The same concept applies to the digital customer journey. Customers don't want to repeat their likes, dislikes and interests every time they enter a website. They want to see content curated specifically for them -- when they need it. It's a concept called personalization, and it has transformed the content marketing industry.

This handbook examines ways to construct a personalized customer journey that can increase repeat customers, create engagement and boost customer satisfaction. But organizations that implement personalized content must consider privacy concerns to prevent alienating a potential customer.

We also take a closer look at using a web content management platform to create personalized experiences for customers as well as how the personalization trend is evolving. And we'll look at content management trends for 2019, including personalization and AI.

Customers always prefer personalized over impersonal experiences, whether they're in a coffee shop or on a website. We'll help with getting started on devising a personalized content strategy.

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