New Microsoft Fluid Framework features real-time editing

Microsoft's new software development kit, Fluid Framework, provides users with real-time editing that can be used across applications and with a variety of formats.

Microsoft announced Fluid Framework, a new software development kit designed to help developers build faster and more flexible web-based distributed applications. The SDK will be integrated into some Office 365 applications later this year.

Fluid helps create a collaborative editing experience by updating changes in real time and sharing things like Word documents across different applications, such as Microsoft Teams. Edits and information could be shared through third-party applications, as well, if they decide to integrate this technology.

In addition to simultaneous editing, users can create a document that is then automatically translated to a variety of languages in real time. However, it would still allow users to edit in their own language.

Fluid Framework would give Word users a real-time editing experience similar to Google Docs, in which two users can edit simultaneously and see the document change in real time. This differs from other content management system applications, such as SmartSheet or Box. In SmartSheet, multiple people can be in a document at once, but changes are not reflected until the document in saved. In Box, only one user can be in a document at a time.

However, where Fluid Framework differs from Google Docs is the ability to break down information into different types of components and formats and share them among web and desktop applications. Additionally, Microsoft included an AI component -- intelligent agents that can provide assistance, such as suggesting photos and edits or translating phrases.

The software development kit will be released later this year.

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