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November 2019, Vol. 17, No. 12

Everything you need to know about composable infrastructure

The rising popularity of hyper-converged infrastructure testifies to its many benefits. Yet even HCI is not without its downsides. Many in the industry are now looking to a new generation of IT infrastructures to address these challenges. One of these is composable infrastructure, which offers a platform that's more flexible and can better utilize resources than hyper-convergence, while streamlining operations and potentially reducing costs. Like HCI, composable infrastructure also comes with challenges, and IT teams ready to upgrade their data centers should understand how composability works and how it compares to converged and hyper-converged systems before making any decisions. The composable infrastructure provides a software-defined framework for delivering compute, storage and network resources as a set of unified services. It disaggregates hardware components, groups them into logical resource pools and offers them as on-demand services, similar to a cloud platform. People in the industry sometimes refers to composable ...

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