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November 2019, Vol. 17, No. 12

Important questions about DRaaS you're not asking your vendor

Disaster recovery as a service has always looked good on paper. DRaaS enables an organization to avoid the costs associated with owning or leasing a DR site, as well as the cost of equipping that site with the necessary data protection storage and ready-to-go servers. These savings are compelling, but IT professionals need to ask more profound questions of prospective and current DRaaS vendors to ensure their products and services live up to expectations. What steps are involved in instant recovery? Almost every DRaaS vendor claims some form of "push-button" recovery. While this often implies instant recovery, the technology usually doesn't fix things immediately. In most cases, the DRaaS offering has to run through a series of steps before an application is ready for users to log in. This can include copying data from archive cloud storage to a higher-performing storage area. Copying data takes time, even in the cloud. It can be a few hours before the application, and its data, is on a storage tier with acceptable performance ...

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