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Quest updates Erwin Data Modeling and Data Intelligence

Quest is looking to build out what it calls a data empowerment platform with the help of data modeling and other technology from its recently acquired Erwin business unit.

Quest Software on Thursday released a pair of new updates for its Erwin Data Modeler and Erwin Data Intelligence technologies.

The Data Modeler 2021 R1 update is generally available today, while the Data Intelligence 11 update is set for availability in early July, according to Quest.

The updates come after Quest acquired Erwin in January. With Data Modeling, the Erwin platform gets new capabilities that will enable support for both SQL and NoSQL databases, including native support for Couchbase, MongoDB and Apache Cassandra.

IDC analyst Stewart Bond said the direction Quest is taking its data business with the new Erwin features follows an expected path after the acquisition earlier this year.

"Quest sees the importance of intelligence about data in data analytics and data operations use cases, and it shows in the enhancements in version 11 of the product," Bond said.

Quest brings more visibility to data intelligence

Among the new features in the Erwin Data Intelligence 11 update are a series of enhanced dashboards that provide more visibility for users.

Bond noted that the data stewardship dashboard now provides intelligence to data stewards and IT operations roles, and the data literacy dashboard provides the connection of what the data actually means to the business.

"Leveraging intelligence about data is telling organizations how data is actually being used, not how they think it is being used," Bond said.

Screenshot of Quest Erwin Data Intelligence 11 release
Quest's Erwin data intelligence 11 release integrates an enhanced dashboard to provide more visibility into data operations.

Heath Thompson, president and general manager of Quest's Information Systems Management (ISM) business unit, said the Erwin Data Intelligence update is a key part of Quest's vision for what he called data empowerment.

"It's the idea of really empowering our customers to maximize the value of their data," Thompson said. "It goes across three pillars: data operations, data protection and data governance. Underpinning the whole thing is data intelligence."

Modeling both SQL and NoSQL data

A key part of being able to understand data is having the ability to work with different data types. The Erwin Data Modeler helps users to get data in the right model so that it can be used in other tools, such as Data Intelligence.

Thompson said with the Data Modeler 2021 R1 update, users can now more easily model data from relational and nonrelational databases. Thompson noted that previous Erwin Data Modeler releases didn't include native support for nonrelational and NoSQL modeling. The new update now provides an automated approach so users can use both types of databases.

Looking forward, Quest is working to integrate Erwin products with other parts of the Quest ISM portfolio including the Toad Data Point data preparation tool. Thompson said that, for the rest of the year, the plan is to build out a platform vision that brings Quest tools closer together for DataOps.

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