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Hitachi Vantara expands Lumada DataOps suite

Hitachi Vantara integrated its data management technologies into a new product suite intended to help organizations with data operations. Data governance is coming next.

Hitachi Vantara on Aug. 19 made generally available its next-generation Lumada DataOps suite that integrates a series of data operations services.

DataOps is an approach to data orchestration that helps organizations with the different tasks needed to effectively use data for business intelligence and analytics. As part of its data suite offering, Hitachi Vantara, formerly Hitachi Data systems, is including the Pentaho data integration capability, now expanded with new features designed to make it easier for business users to build data integration pipelines.

The new DataOps suite also includes the Lumada Data Catalog, which is based on technology Hitachi Vantara gained with the acquisition of Waterline Data in January 2020.

The direction Hitachi Vantara is taking with its DataOps software suite is positive and aligns with what IDC has defined as the Data Control Plane architecture, said IDC analyst Stewart Bond.

"Integrating data engineering together with data intelligence and control capabilities in a single platform so that DataOps teams do not need to do the integration themselves should help in team productivity and quality of outcome," he said.

Hitachi Vantara bringing different products together for DataOps

Bond said the new DataOps suite integrates some of the disparate systems Hitachi Vantara has acquired into one platform.

"DataOps itself is still an evolving discipline, which means there are, likely, future DataOps requirements that the platform does not support today, simply because of the unknowns," Bond said.

Given that, Bond noted there are some currently known DataOps capabilities that are not yet in the new version of the Hitachi Vantara DataOps software suite, particularly continuous testing and observability of data within pipelines.

Screenshot of Hitachi Vantara Data Rationalization Dashboard
The Data Rationalization Dashboard that is part of Lumada Data Catalog can help organizations identify data duplication that is part of a DataOps process.

Hitachi Vantara DataOps advances data catalog capabilities

Radhika Krishnan, chief product officer and general manager at Hitachi Vantara, explained that the data catalog provides AI-based metadata tagging to help organizations identify and categorize data.

Since the core technology behind the catalog came from Waterline Data, Krishan said Hitachi Vantara has improved how that metadata tagging performs. Krishnan noted that the data catalog can help recognize personally identifiable information that requires additional security controls. She added that organizations can also use the data catalog to identify duplicate information as part of a data rationalization effort.

Io-Tahoe coming next to DataOps

The Hitachi Vantara DataOps suite is set to expand further in the coming months, as the vendor integrates data governance technology that it acquired from data management vendor Io-Tahoe on June 23.

Krishnan explained that while the data catalog provides a good way to build out a semantic model for data, Hitachi Vantara recognized it needed more capabilities for workflow approvals and data governance. The Io-Tahoe technology will bring that to a future release of the DataOps suite, she said.

"The capabilities that Io-Tahoe brings for us is the piece of the jigsaw puzzle that we've been missing," she said. "They had the exact set of functionality that we were looking to build in-house."

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