Informatica World 2023: Cloud, data and AI together

Informatica launched the generative AI Claire GPT product and plans to offer Intelligent Data Management Cloud as a Microsoft Azure Native ISV Service.

Organizations embracing data changes are emerging as leaders, and those that haven't yet are lagging and risk falling prey to competition. That was the message at Informatica World 2023 in Las Vegas this week.

Informatica World was packed with customers and worldwide partners. CEO Amit Walia discussed the transformative events organizations have experienced in his keynote address, "Where your data comes to life." It started with the cloud, then the power and use of data took precedence, and now a new phase combining cloud, data and AI has heralded a new paradigm.

The company promoted its Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) as a complete end-to-end solution from data collection to empowering data users. It is an open platform with connections to an ecosystem of vendors across the data management spectrum. The connections and data are all managed through a single platform.

Informatica World hosted two exciting announcements, including the launch of Claire GPT -- a generative AI-powered version of Informatica's pioneering AI engine, Claire -- designed to transform and redefine the data management and consumption experience for all users. With more than 50,000 metadata-aware connections using 18 petabytes of metadata, Claire processes 54 trillion monthly customer transactions.

Claire GPT is the next generation that brings the advancements of a natural language-based interface to IDMC. It can simplify and accelerate how enterprises consume, process, manage and analyze data. For Informatica customers, Claire GPT can expand the scope and scale of data democratization and self-service, empower data producers to create trusted, usable data assets and drive productivity gains for data teams.

The Informatica World crowd saw a demo of a two-company merger where Claire GPT could find customer data in Snowflake and Salesforce, merge the data, create a data pipeline, and synchronize and deduplicate the data. Then it auto-classified the data and prepared it for the merged company at a fraction of the time the task would have taken data managers. The data was ready to upsell and cross-sell new services to the merged companies' customers and quickly increase revenues. This was driven by natural language processed through an elegant user interface. Claire GPT can empower innovation across data management practices.

Other big news from Informatica World 2023 is the planned offering of IDMC as a Microsoft Azure Native ISV Service. This joint innovation should provide Azure customers with a simplified, unified experience across IDMC and Azure, enabling them to access, provision, onboard, configure and manage IDMC from within the Azure portal. The service is expected to launch in the second half of 2023.

It is exciting to hear from the Informatica team about their roadmap to help organizations become AI-powered and data-driven. The goal is to help customers make the most of new developments in cloud, data and, now, AI technology. This should lead to faster business and consumer decision-making, new innovations and data use that maximizes its value across an organization.

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