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Test your business continuity best practices knowledge

When crafting a business continuity and disaster recovery plan, it's helpful to keep in mind some basic best practices. Don't find yourself caught off guard by getting complacent.

In recent years, the concepts of acceptable downtime and mission-critical data have radically changed. Namely, for many organizations, there is no longer such a thing as an acceptable amount of downtime, and just about all data can be considered mission-critical. Because of these changes, disaster recovery and business continuity best practices have also had to evolve.

Maintaining business continuity in times of disaster and recovering lost data following a disaster have little room for error these days, and many organizations are feeling the pressure. With concerns ranging from compliance requirements to public reputation, having a solid business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) strategy in place involves thorough planning and attention to detail.

This can be a lot to keep in mind when crafting a BC/DR plan, and it's only becoming more complex. Are you clear on what your requirements are? What about the types of disasters you need to be prepared for?

Take our quiz, and find out if you're on top of the latest disaster recovery and business continuity best practices or if you should do a little more studying.

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