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Last updated:May 2021

Editor's note

The world changed last spring when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, creating some unprecedented challenges for enterprises across industries. But the upheaval also created opportunities for businesses open to exploring new technologies.

The IBM Think conference looked at how enterprises can navigate the unpredictable nature of business in 2021 using technologies like AI and the cloud. Today's distributed workforce creates new security risks, yet it also creates opportunities to rethink how work gets done. Businesses have less face time with customers, but they may find new digital channels if they know where to look.

This guide features news coverage of IBM Think 2021 by TechTarget's reporters and editors and examines how business leaders can capitalize on these trends as the world adapts to the new normal.

1Breaking news from IBM Think 2021

Read about emerging developments coming out of the conference and what IBM has planned for its AI and cloud products.

2IBM ups the pace with cloud and AI moves

The months leading up to IBM Think 2021 have been busy for the computing giant. Read about Big Blue's latest cloud and AI maneuvers.