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Last updated:May 2022

Editor's note

As the world looks to rebound from a global pandemic and geopolitical conflicts, AI and machine learning technologies will prove vital in mitigating future security threats. 

This year's two-day IBM Think conference explains how businesses can continue to thrive with advanced technologies like AI, ML, automation and hybrid cloud. AI and ML platforms can automate simple and repetitive processes, enabling businesses to focus their attention on more complicated tasks, such as advance threat detection and response. In addition, AI and ML predictive models help companies gain a competitive edge in strategic decision-making, product development, hybrid workforce planning and customer experiences. 

In this conference guide, learn about the latest industry developments from IBM Think 2022, and gain firsthand knowledge of advances in AI, ML and cybersecurity from industry insiders.

1IBM's latest corporate strategies and product developments

The past few months have been busy for the computing giant. Read about Big Blue's latest strategic maneuvers and product announcements, including news and comments from IBM executives related to the Think 2022 conference.

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