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Mapping adoption of artificial intelligence in the enterprise

As many enterprises focus on use case research, the mature uses of AI are concentrated in supervised learning, structured data extraction and using a small number of platforms.

Title Mapping adoption of artificial intelligence in the enterprise

As AI vendors and use cases bloom, enterprises not deploying AI can feel like they're quickly falling behind. The data tells a different story. Most enterprises are coming up against a wall of issues that keep them in the planning stage and only looking ahead to reaping the benefits of adoption of artificial intelligence.

Ben Lorica, O'Reilly Media's chief data scientist interviewed 1,300 respondents to pin down how enterprises are planning, deploying and struggling with AI. At the lowest level of complexity, Lorica wanted to know how many enterprises are using AI in their business processes. At the highest level, Lorica wanted to know the popular platforms, tools and technologies that other data scientists or executives were using to deploy their AI.

This infographic breaks down the complex data into noteworthy insights from enterprise leaders, including bottlenecks to AI development, budget allocation and what parts of their company see the most AI.

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