AI council examines emerging trends in AI

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Experts on the Illinois Technology Association's AI Council urge companies to use their AI investments to connect with community members to make the best use of the technology.

Government regulation of the use of AI is contentious and faces an uncertain future. This leaves companies to question how to best self-regulate their use of this powerful, emerging tool. Should enterprises focus on using AI for social good? The Chicago tech community has set out to answer that question by bringing together professors, business executives and analysts to create an AI council that sets guidelines, mediates legal disputes and advocates for AI for the public good.

In this podcast, Julia Kanouse, CEO of the Illinois Technology Association (ITA) and Kris Hammond, chief scientist at Narrative Science, professor of computer science at Northwestern, and co-chair of ITA's AI Council sound off on emerging trends in AI, their experience with enterprise AI deployment, and using AI for social good.

Listen to the episode above to hear Kanouse and Hammond discuss emerging trends in AI, such as how to choose AI technology that has the right functionality to address real business problems, how to wade through vendor hype and what the rise of RPA means for businesses.

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