Manufacturing ERP case studies and examples

These manufacturing ERP case studies will help you get started with an implementation project. Learn best practices, strategy building methods, common mistakes to avoid and more.

Implementing a new ERP system is a costly and time-consuming process. To ensure that money and resources don't go to waste, manufacturers should take the time to build a solid manufacturing ERP implementation plan. In this guide to manufacturing ERP case studies and examples, you'll discover how to build an implementation project strategy and assemble a project team, be introduced to ERP implementation best practices and mistakes to avoid, and find answers to some frequently-asked manufacturing ERP implementation questions.

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  Manufacturing ERP implementation projects are costly and not planning ahead for problems will only make the price tag higher. Knowing what to focus on before starting implementation will help you avoid ERP implementation mistakes. Companies need to plan for five critical areas lacking in most stand-alone ERP manufacturing systems: data modeling, specialized functionality, the user interface, data integration and customization.

  Before starting an ERP implementation project, you need to define your business goals. Are you deploying the ERP system to address greater supply chain visibility, for cost and margin related issues, for compliance, or to achieve more efficiency within the facility? Building a  manufacturing ERP implementation strategy is the first stop on the ERP roadmap. After that, decide who will be on the project team and work to define performance management goals.

  Manufacturers should familiarize themselves with a number of  ERP implementation project planning best practices that are key to a successful implementation. These include picking the right project team, an open mind, time to migrate data, training, data management know-how and a process for continuous improvement. Perfecting your ERP project team, schedule and budget know will ensure a smooth implementation later.

  The manufacturing ERP software selection process comes with ERP implementation questions that need to be addressed ahead of time. These FAQs include information on how to choice ERP support services, how to estimate the length of an ERP implementation project and what different types of ERP license contracts are available.

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