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September 2018, Vol. 6, No.4

In the medical imaging market, AI drives investment dollars

To find out the types of diagnostic imaging software companies that have been gaining favor and see what medical imaging market trends the data revealed, I investigated strategic acquisitions in medical imaging as well as areas attracting investments. With nine acquisitions and close to a quarter-billion dollars in investments, the 16 months from March 2017 through June 2018 were busy for the medical imaging space. My research also revealed the following: AI-enabled medical image analysis emerged as the big winner, with nine companies raising a combined $130 million in investments. With $52 million spread among three investments, other emerging technologies were silver medalists. Next up was a single $16-million investment and two additional acquisitions in image post-processing without the use of AI as well as a single $30-million investment in workflow tools -- a category that also saw two acquisitions. Imaging for clinical trials was also noteworthy, with two vendors acquired by strategic buyers. Finally, there were companies...

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