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January 2018, Vol. 6, No. 1

Analyzing stored medical image data helps picture the future

The healthcare industry may not be quite there yet, but someday soon, an archived clinical picture may be worth a thousand data points. And I'm intrigued by what results medical image data analytics will yield. We've come a long way since the printed family photo albums my grandmother kept in her kitchen cabinet. Photos, nowadays, can hold important and revealing digital information. Someone's mugshot, for example, is not just another pretty face. That particular image can be searched online, scrutinized by facial recognition software and possibly help a potential employer determine whether a candidate is the best person for a job. Precision medicine and population health management benefit from the data contained in patient charts, electronic health records and clinical images. So it's no surprise that the potential spreads far and wide if medical image data analysis can peel away the layers of an MRI image of a tumor. When aggregated by software, the location of lung tumors in 50-year-old men may help oncologists determine ...

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