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November 2018, Vol. 6, No. 5

AI technology in healthcare advances surgical, clinical support

Healthcare has long considered technology as essential in improving the treatment and care of patients. With AI ushering in what's said to be the fourth industrial revolution, many hospitals are gearing up for new AI-based applications that will further improve patient outcomes, increase physician productivity and reduce errors. Based on several studies, AI-based applications can potentially save the U.S. healthcare industry $150 billion annually by 2026. As AI technology in healthcare continues to gain wider acceptance, several areas are predicted to experience the most success and make the greatest impact. Virtual nurses inside and outside the hospital. Hospitals find it challenging to recruit nurses in several parts of the U.S., and in some rural areas, the nursing shortage is affecting patient care. AI has shown substantial value in helping solve this problem by using natural language processing and machine learning in virtual assistants. Many of us use virtual assistants in our homes and on our devices, and more vendors are...

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