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Developing an effective health care network security policy
A health care organization's network security policy should be more than a mishmash of software, hardware and policy controls. CSIS guidance helps, one HIMSS 2011 presenter said.

Featured Video from HIMSS 2011

The Green CDA might be the next big standard in health data exchange. Or not. Either way, it's useful, HL7 board chairman Dr. Bob Dolin explains in this video.


HIMSS 2011 Post-show Coverage

Wavelink eyes mobile device management for health care
Having sold mobile device management systems to leading retailers, Wavelink is ready to take on health care. Can it meet the industry's unique needs?

Concord Hospital's 10 steps for EHR implementation
In a presentation at HIMSS 2011, a New Hampshire hospital explained how its 10-step plan for EHR implementation is preparing it to meet federal meaningful use criteria.

Gaining perspective on health information exchange at HIMSS 2011
Interviews and sessions at HIMSS 2011 reveal that the term health information exchange means different things to different people. No matter the model, the goals are the same.

iPad related announcements during the HIMSS 2011
The iPad was everywhere at HIMSS 2011, with some vendors offering hands-on demonstrations of their iPad app for electronic health records.

HIMSS 2011: On my home court!
Get a local perspective on HIMSS 2011 from one of our health IT experts at Health IT Knowledge Exchange.

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HIMSS 2011 Live Show Coverage

HIMSS 2011 features new tech for patient data security
Patient data security isn't just an EHR feature; an expert at HIMSS 2011 says analytics and monitoring systems will protect against data breaches without impacting care workflow.

Bringing application risk management to health care
With so many security vulnerabilities present at the application layer, health care organizations must take application risk management seriously.

Sebelius, Blumenthal offer health IT adoption update at HIMSS 2011
Health IT adoption is on the rise, but there is work to do, the heads of HHS and the ONC said in a HIMSS 2011 keynote. Critically, tech cannot widen the gap between rich and poor.

HIMSS survey: Give it up for the CNIO
Health IT implementations can't happen without practitioners leading the way; triennial survey released at HIMSS 2011 confirms CNIO's growing role.

When negotiating health IT contracts, try to get extra warranties
Don't just skim small-print legalese in your health IT contracts: Negotiate for more warranties and dig deep into your vendor's financial background.

Tips for improving health care hospital governance
Getting physicians, nursing, pharmacy and other peers together makes for effective IT problem solving in clinical environments. This and more tips for health care IT governance.

Technology usability must improve for health care to embrace IT
Information technology may be a driving factor of change in health care, but IT needs to work with users to create improvements. Follow these ideas when implementing systems.

Health care social media: Do it now, says HIMSS 2011 speaker
HIMSS 2011 speaker Lee Aase makes a forceful case for hospitals to stop dragging their feet and get on the social media train, now.

ICD-10 conversion impacts meaningful use for HIMSS 2011 attendees
Orlando Health outlines its ICD-10 conversion project occurring simultaneously with meaningful use implementation.

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HIMSS 2011 Pre-show Coverage

Assess stage 1 of meaningful use before diving into stage 2: CHIME
Providers should ease into stage 2 of the meaningful use program; here are CHIME's suggestions for the program's next phase.

Why ICD-10 implementation is falling behind
ICD-10 implementation is catching U.S. providers (who have many other federal health IT mandates to meet) off-guard. Fortunately, HIMSS 2011 will give them a chance to catch up.

VIDEO: Key HIMSS 2011 trends to track: HIE, ACO and ICD-10
With the health care industry at a crossroads, the HIMSS 2011 show is focusing on innovations in health information exchange -- and such mandates as the ICD-10 conversion.

Tablets, smartphones: MHealth trends to watch out for at HIMSS 2011
Mobile health industry experts see tablet and smartphone adoption as a key mHealth trend, and say HIMSS 2011 will feature many clinical apps for the iPad.

HIMSS 2011: Seeing through the smoke and mirrors
Editor's picks for can't-miss stuff at HIMSS 2011.

HIMSS attendees consider a world without the HITECH Act
The HITECH Act has helped shape providers' motives for adopting EHR technology. Repeal would harm those efforts, the industry says. HIMSS 2011 should give providers some insight.

What's on tap for health information exchange at HIMSS 2011
Health information exchange is at a crossroads -- public versus private, federated versus centralized. The HIMSS 2011 conference will help light the road ahead.

Bringing radiology imaging from PACS to PHR services
Microsoft HealthVault has been picked for a federally funded platform to port radiology imaging data to personal health records. Google Health, meanwhile, isn't ready for imaging.

On the road to better hospital Wi-Fi
A recent HIMSS webinar highlights how creating a secure, reliable hospital Wi-Fi network can open the door for telemedicine and reduce IT help desk headaches.

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