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Restarting America with the Safe Workplace Applications

As quarantine measures are slowly relaxing across many states, organizations are planning a carefully calculated process for re-entry to workplace. A key priority today for many leaders is to find a risk-aware digital solution to iteratively and safely reopen businesses, while continuing to manage the ever-present threat posed by COVID-19.

There are a number of critical HR agenda items which organizations need to plan for to enable an effective return-to-workplace program and KPMG is lifting the curtain on how they are advising their top clients. 

Watch this webinar on-demand and you will learn:

  • KPMG’s dynamic digital HR framework, enabled by ServiceNow, to support an optimized and safe workforce, whether onsite or virtual
  • How customers are leveraging ‘purpose-built’ safe workplace apps to drive workplace health and safety at speed
  • Next steps, implications, and opportunities for the HR Operating model, and how ServiceNow enables critical evolution
Restarting America with the Safe Workplace Applications

Featured speakers:
Chris Mahoney, Vice President, Employee Experience Solution Sales, ServiceNow
Debbi Francl, Principal Strategist, Employee Experience Solutions, ServiceNow
Atif Zaim, Principal, FS Advisory, KPMG
John Doel, Principal, Human Capital Advisory, KPMG
Vincent Hou, Manager, Digital Lighthouse, KPMG

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