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Now on Now: How ServiceNow is ensuring its own safe return to the workplace

Like other organizations, ServiceNow rapidly shifted to a remote workforce in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic. As we navigate the complexities of returning to the workplace, our strategy will require thoughtful ways to address employee safety and concerns, while keeping empathy and compassion at the heart of our efforts. We’re also using our own solutions to effectively manage employee health and workplace safety as we return to the workplace.

Watch this webinar on-demand for insights to help fine tune your return to the workplace strategy and integrate processes like contact tracing, employee readiness surveys, and PPE inventory management. 

You will learn:

  • ServiceNow’s flexible phased approach to safely re-open and return to the workplace suitable for a global enterprise
  • How to determine your employees’ willingness and ability to return through our readiness framework
  • How workplaces must change in response, but also evolve over time to mitigate the ongoing risk of COVID-19
Now on Now: How ServiceNow is ensuring its own safe return to the workplace

Featured speakers:
Robert Teed , Vice President of Real Estate and Workplace Services, ServiceNow
Jeff Bower , Vice President of Corporate Service Apps, ServiceNow
David Reed , Senior Director of Global Talent Care, ServiceNow
Tracey Fritcher (moderator), Principal Strategist for Employee Experience Solutions, ServiceNow

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